Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You never let yourself down

In the plethora of human scum that lays beneath the mask of astute criticism,it invades our energy,our boundaries,our thinking.Its more than just an influence,its dirty.The perseverance of charismatic ideas,to adopt and cajole and mock at,I believe its not just the perspicuous nature of acceptance but the tendency to withhold.If only one could blame the other in a more direct and spiritual manner,it would be understandable but the emotions that gather the loathing of the positivity can be tiring.This is jealousy.One that does not accept the growth and potential of the other.Its difficult,when the residence of the mind is in a materialistic platform,that it may raise to something higher than self.I also believe that the concept of self is much wider than one can actually percieve and no label is justifiable.What I am trying to put across is that the connection with self is much higher,trans like,beyond the human comprehension of existence.It circualtes,it changes,more like metamorphosis or transformation.That is the soul.The much wiser and wider concept of self than our mere lives of distortion.Distortion because its like a chain that captures our fears,apprehensions,traumas that even turn contradictory and hypocritical with passing lives.I believe apart from this untamed instinct,our concept of self must be changed.For this changes our reality and reality is nothing but what we think.We also think what we create and create what we think.There is both existence and possibility and both ineveitable and the defeat.We actually never let ourselves down.Its all in the influences,I have been talking about love and acceptance which is vital to a sense of detachment and purpose.But it never happens until you let go.Until you feel.Until you desire for one and for all.
I just believe there maybe a heaven that could deviate our patterns and way of life and it would be right here in our homes,in our neighbourhood,in our country,in our people and everywhere we think life exists.

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