Tuesday, 21 February 2012


In these mingling sensations when faces without a pronoun,like mixed entites,quarelling murmers,shadowy dispositions just emerge out of the perception of the one,like threatening to stop the the complete joy and bliss that evaporate with sanity,I believe that the one is all of us.The one spark of light that gave out dust or specks of illumination that could create a whole in this universe.I have lost my memory to this bliss.I have been succumbing to the pressure of the blessings that are bestowed on us.The ego that is damaged.Dimishing the idea of selflessness or selfishness,but the one.I want to be alone in this bliss.Unaware of the world at large.I want those murmurs to grow into voices and those shadows into intact faces.So I could distinguish the light from darkness.I could distinguish myself from others.I believe.I just believe.

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