Sunday, 26 February 2012


Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker)of Sex and the City always inspired me.I was amused by her boyfriends especially Big and the nature of relationship that popularises freedom.I somewhat practised this mentality successfully with the guys that entered my life.I was younger.I was seventeen eighteen and my idea of glamour was limited.I was lost.Lost in figuring out what brings me in proper frequency to the world rather than what brings the world to me.However as I look back,I ended up attracting all wrong people towards me.I laugh at it now,in the fear of giving into the same patterns again.But I have learned a lot from this weird dating experience.I realised that no matter what you think you are,the reality of yourself surfaces when you deal with people.There are alot of things about ourselves,that even though we think we know,we cannot comprehend.So we leave it at that,shut it off and never look at it again.I have faced alot of my fears while growing up.The most amusing lesson I have learned is to cut down on my boldness.To be gentle and calm.And to be scared,when I am scared.Its important that you treat yourself gently.Everyday.and that is how you will learn that what inspires you is you.I would still agree to the idea of freedom in a relationship.I would still not want anyone to rule me.Maybe I would cry for a hundered days for love,but I will wake up stronger each day.Trust me,the power of valuing and celebrating womanhood is excellent.I am still learning it.I still have a long way to go.But no more funny and creepy obsessive lovers anymore.I want to breathe.Literally.
I just enjoy being a woman.I love being a woman.As I said I have the power to feel.I have the power to be honest about it.


  1. If i said Disillusionment was beautiful this is like walking out the door on a sunny day with the perfect hair skin day and feeling absolutely bout oneself :)

    It actually makes me feel beautiful as if i am talking to myself and realising what a wonderfully colourful being i am. ^_^