Monday, 6 February 2012

Dear God

I acknowledge that you have made both men and women differently.I acknowledge the pain that one goes through in love.I accept what you have sent me and led me through,but this one time I am asking you for space.Even if I may turn childish and ask you for a man in my life,it is not a man,it is you I want.It is friendship I want.And I guess I have found them.I dont need anyone else.Against my futile wishes,please for the respect of my sincerity and goodness,I ask you to keep all evil at bay.I ask you to send me unconditional love,so that I can bestow that on others.I am begging you,please keep hurtful people away from me.I am not made for marriage.I am not a girlfriend material either.I dont want to lose my maiden status.Not for the sake of any guy/man.I want to be here,left in peace.So I could help people.

You know the energy I carry when I love,and I want to spend it on myself,on people who need it.My spirits have been telling me to take care.And you dont care about me and them if you dont listen.Please keep these people away.Selfish and greedy and hurtful and criminal minded.I want to be your's and your's only.For the time being for now,I trust that you have heard my prayers and will answer to them.

Let envy and jealousy flow into them who breed it.
Or let them melt away for their sake

Leave me in peace.Give me the strength.

I dont want a man,I want you!

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