Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Eyes say it all

She looked up to the green
emerald of the sky
thats shone so bright in her eyes
chasing the blue,chasing the black
chasing the rainbow that hid the soul
believing in sorcerity of the tiny sparkles
of dust and ground
she kept herself earthed
with energies ever so confound
She gave a glimpse of an utterance of love
amidst all the tyrannies that behold
would it be a sin to admire
an anonymity that one so desires
A woman of flesh and blood
of luminous sparks that run off at distancing speed
a eyes so obstinate,an eye that grew of pain
the desolate life of a woman that must be crowned
onto earth's glories that were never found
of all the magic that women can practise
I believe its you that needed the acceptance
I believe its you that are so beautiful
I believe its you that needs to touch me
to change my desire into ashes
to burn me down with pain
so I could revive again
In your lap,rocked again
to be the one that shapes a promiscous wind
into a weapon of total
to feel safe,to feel wanted
to tame the inane
when I look into your eyes
that revert to dust
and the hidden soul
that rainbows must
conspire to win
I feel the tear on my cheeks
that you ever shed on the night
you first caught a tight hand
on the grip of her atrocious hands
that could kill the cruel
sway them off
with laughter
and a transpiration of desires
that would transform from me to you
of a mother that would die for the hues
of how me,still fragile says


  1. reminds me of how a mum is.
    of a mum is supposed to be,
    of what a mum is, very touching.

    You get better day by day hun. xxxx

    1. thankyou so much Rach!!

      you are the one person who keeps encouraging me to write.Love you!!