Friday, 27 April 2012

Or else a new chapter begins................

Its a cruel charisma of fantasy.This change from being a girl to a woman.Of resisiting that which never belonged to me.I cannot pacify the demons that still haunt my psyche.I cannot help but understand the painful critical self talk to the unreal personification of reality.This is insanity I know.But either I escape the charms of my mind or I escape the charms of routine.I revel in this sleeplike stage.This place where everything is nullified to the extremes of tremor.I have violated the very private spaces of thoughts or beliefs that one should never visit.I have broken the laws of being.Is it courage to my credit or is it just a foolish obesession.I will learn it but for now,life is no more what I still want.And it will turn out to oppose my expectations of how it should be.My emotions are truly exceeding my reality......................

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I remember being a child now,
where I swallow the hallowing seas,
I laugh and breathe to bring shame
to fear the one that nears
the laudable pride of the dusk
I sleep in the whispers of passion,
I am longing once more
breathing the breath of fire
breathing your breath with ease