Wednesday, 1 February 2012

On the path to spirituality

We covet our desires,our ways and wants to impose it on people who are weaker or seem so.It seems everything in life is a cloud of dust,that cannot evaporate,diffuse or melt away.It just stays.It may scatter but it does exist.Whether its predestined for us to happen,I am still unaware.Its consequences are vast.But by the end of all of it,when we have come a long way,the moment is rapturous.Most people realise it late.For many it happens sooner.This is epiphany.The sudden realisation of something higher than ourselves.I believe that the universe is not for me to command and direct.But what I also understand is that neither am I a servant to these forces.We work simulataneously.We all do.Some realise,some dont.If today I come across an obstacle,I face it.I am honest to myself about what I want.This is just an opportunity to return victorious,to return safe,to vent our hidden passions,to calm down,to reflect a shining light to all.Because at this point the soul has nothing to lose,it is detached.I believe I still have enough ego that keeps me attached to the material pleasures of life.However,I am not swooning over money or I am not indulging in dishonesty,hypocrisy or any negative asset anymore.I kind of never have.Guilt has strongly accostumed me to the pleasures that are divine.What we feel inside,what we trust and have faith on,is what aids us.This world is a storehouse of power and there is a fine line between the real and the unreal.I am all set to evolve with time.I ready to master my emotions,myself.
We are all important.We all change.This is life and this is the mantra.

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