Saturday, 25 February 2012


After my last post,I feel I haven't noticed how much things change.How much I have changed,how much people around me have changed.How much life changes.Its not like I am approaching change.Change has been with me already.I am already soaring high.The earth is slow.It takes time to evolve and so are we.Its just that our minds race so fast that we forget about the power that surrounds us.Recently soembody mailed me about synchronicities.I was surprised to find that I have people around me who believe as much as I do.These signs,beautiful messages of what we see and percieve and are lost with,the power of empathy is the greatest teacher.The power to share,the power of blessings is amazing.We survive for each other.Why fight?Yes the instinct to survival is important but there is something higher than us all.We do have to protect ourselves,with acceptance and prayers.The desire to let go.I told somebody that I am stuggling with my faith and the person was thats when you are at the edge of enlightenment.Because you do not believe that you deserve better.Everybody deserves better.Alot of things are in our control.Only if we look up and take notice.
I am glad I have the power to feel.I am glad I know now,what I have always been.
What is the power that you got?do you know what it is that you have always been?do you truly like it?
So be it!

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