Friday, 23 December 2011


I have dissatisfied the monochromity in me,xenophobia aside by the glossy lights that enrapture the numinous as soon as I looked out of my flight window,into the world of Dubai.I had a french man beside me asking the flight attendants for earplugs and sighing in french for two toddlers behind us,one of whom who was still not convinced that the Emirates flight was actually an aeroplane.However the scene looked coldly glittery.It was as if the city was alluring me to kiss it.So I moved my head a little forward to get a glimpse of it.Though not a very different scene from the one you would have from a flight to Mumbai.As we landed I took the transit route.I had a few hours before I could take the next flight to Kenya.There I was alone.From Swarovski to Vertu,Dior to Valentino,Volkswagon to Ferrari,name it and everything is up for sale.Millions of people travel every year through this route to market.Heaped with a Rolex watch,Givenchy shoes,a Gucci t-shirt and Moschino Perfumes,I was content.I reached home seated beside a man who had an invitation for me to the Intercontinental Nairobi for an eduactional fair as an Indian in Kenya.

It has been 3 days now
and  a dozen reasons why one should visit Kenya

1.African Safari
2.Masai Mara
3.Marine life/Walk at the beach in Mombassa
4.Pristine nature
5.Kind and soft spoken people
6.Feeding the giraffe at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi
7.The famous Flamingos at Lake Nakuru
8.The Rift Valley
9.Migration of some two million wildebeest
10.Lake Victoria
11.A sip of the famous Tuskan beer
12.Standing on the Equator
13.Experiencing a culture of British colonialism,some forty two tribes of Kenya and the local/Nairobian pulse

Still to do--

Mountaineering at Mt kenya.
Visiting Naiberi camp,Eldoret club in Eldoret at Kaptha Ghat Road on the way to Uganda.Some golf and spa in the deep forest.
Listening to the rythms of the Samburu tribe

This experiennce is going to be one of a kind.

I love Kenya.
Some of my fondest memories here in Africa ....

See you next year in India !!

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