Sunday, 11 December 2011

I am just a Summer Girl !

Is this the little chutzpah in me?
provoking indigence,
where my heart entices the glamour,
my mind advoacting the chaste

I was immobile,
crying for a rich guy,
playing with an artist,
Mind games...............
they sought the hidden behind,
a wrought breast,
the reserved unrequited passion,
that reminds me of forlorn,
till I find another at my doorstep........

Knock Knock!
"Whose there?"
"A smile and a face,
with a clown's humour,
to sadden when you leave
to brigthen when you peep,
sliding across the place,
where I found you,
making intense movements,
disastrous by the inexpliacble,
I come with a knight's demeanour
like Lochinvar,
And sabotage your life,
till you find another"

"Do I need you?"I ask
I want to feel weak in my knees,
slow like the nature,
I dont want to hurry,
I have been there
I want to feel warm,
To feel space,
To laugh and let be,let go
Let go of me,
Let me be
I die now for you,
reborn to my childhood

Like the summer girl,
I always was,
happy and sweet,
unaware of the world
behind those piles of books,
I belong there
Into my fabulous dreams

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