Monday, 5 December 2011

I have spent my days in gentle sinning...............

The title of the post has been taken from the book"The Descendants"by Kamala Das.
I always had a thing for the zany,the lewd,the subtle,the attention seeker.It went like a stray-dog hunting project where I wanted to build myself an identity.I wanted to bring myself a name.Feeling proud to be an Indian yet being an exponent to an intolerant society.Accepting flaws and accentuating it.Understanding aesthetics.But somewhere I  went wrong.I seemed anti-social.From being in school to now being in college,I still have an impulse to stand out.Away from the caluminous,but the genuine,the original,the creative.I am still on the look out for the gross that could could seem magnetic.In my words,in my actions,in my beliefs.
I am becoming something else everyday.
I am irascible.
I am not me.
This is just an I........................

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  1. this is so... i can relate to it on so many levels. and its just wonderfully beautiful :)
    i seriously love this one by far.
    Good Job Pritha :)