Monday, 12 December 2011

Being Myself.............

I juggle with the coalescing of wisdom with experience,the calm and being a rebel,where some obscure denomination could harness the beauty and if identified could mercilessly salute the rational.I have come across the obtuse eyes of the jilted,the enemies far enough to dwell in my optimistic fervours to protect my identity.Only if it all could stem from self possession,I would believe in the flow of being a woman.But that doesnt mean I dont love being feminine or being born the way I am.Just as I say,vulnerability is alluring till innocence begets confidence, I wish I could follow it.The most charming part about being myself,is feeling independent,faithful and warm.I was always a quiet child and silence has been my most powerful weapon.I sometimes simulate to be a worker for mankind.I help my family,my friends,encourage them and believe I am serving the world.My mind is unable to see the bigger picture.The impoverished.Perhaps I dislike sadness.I dislike the pain in human.I am suffering from a disease we all suffer.I am selfish and guilty.I would rather be resolute in my lame attempts to conquer.Even in the most insignificant pictures and I start to conquer the world.A better place for all to live in.
As I always say,I wish I was stronger,less reckless.I wish I could enjoy the inane.The sweet nothings of the the indiscreet angels.In a never halting,never morose world to speak out,voice those prayers and destroy the dicord into the evil.

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