Wednesday, 25 January 2012

One that pervades my senses

The supple land evaporates,
in the crimson red aroma
I diffuse into the sun
golden polished
juicing a lime for breakfast
When I shudder with the alarm
the scrupulous temper of the sky
My porcelain vase falls out of place,
my hands shaking,stifle the liquid
that snuff out the spark into pieces

I gather them around
hurriedly blood stained

My window flip flops when I touch it red
and lock it up
for water sparkles up and again
the vagueness of dirty rain comes up
the roses in the green washed in mud

Emulsified and ashamed
when I begin to walk out to them
I feel the pain in my fingers
thorned with agitation
wet and lonely I stand there
looking into my palms
the criss crosses,the wrinkles
that years had met
and I had yet to become
what had become of me

I break down
along with the skies
that pervade my impulses
I sit in the ground
and absorb the lost

Yet to make some coffee
to sedate my senses once again

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