Sunday, 8 January 2012

Of kisses and follies

I just recuperated from an illness.An illness where I was unusually in love and the object of my obsession was following me around with stealthy tricks to track me down to my heart's core.It went to the extent that I started believing that every man's actions was related to my story.I loved being loved even if it wasn't true.Being chased can be so much fun.It can be so much pain.
This magesterial feeling of being posessed.It gives you a sense of assertion.The feeling of being connected to someone you have not met in years.Never talked to.Just like loving a foreigner.I have a had a history of running away from relationships from the people I thought I was attracted to.The people who were wrong.Maybe I am scared of the truth.Maybe I am scared of myself.Maybe I am scared of being myself.
Now I am back to the monotone of real successes than imaginary.Dreams can be so much fun.You get to be witty,smart,successful,child like and all the people are under your command.
I wish I could die for once,like shave my head,get a tattoo or pose nude.I wish I could get infamous and have nothing to lose.I wish I could touch the sky.I wish I could work in different languages.I wish I could read the future.Looking not just ahead.But looking any way I want to.Twisting time itself.
And still stay untouched.Untouched of being human.Untouched of the ground beneath my feet.Untouched of kisses and follies.

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  1. Hiya,
    There is an award waiting for at my blog.

    PS have i ever told you, your poems are awesome? :D xoxo