Monday, 2 January 2012


Supine and playful,
reorients back,
mumbling an embarassing epitaph
to secrecy
a laudable pride
a distinguished ignorance,

They blabber the power,
dirty presumptions,
hopeless hapless
breathing haughtily
enduring and signing
those messy scriptures
till patience cries

or antique?
pestilence absurd
is all that would dry
in the sunshine
till mind is
too fragile
heartless innocence
fateless minds

recoursed in struggle
a fugitive denied

supine and agonised
till perfervid
dies in a disfigured mask
of shame
and limpid souls
toughen in importunate patterns of demise

still supine
still playful,
dreading a secret lost
they have yet to surmise

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