Friday, 20 January 2012

A bad romance

Often in the vastness of the dark,I am lost deciphering the myriad signs and figures of the clouds,the blinking stars,the moon.I look for a messenger through them.Some energy.That would pass through me,follow me everywhere for a bad romance.
Humans are contemptible.Even me,I am in subtle ways.I want to learn the language that is not heard.Not spoken but feared,heard only in the mysteries of the night.I want to celebrate the night and the day,the masculine and the femine,the hot and the cold and sing glorious songs of praise to them,so they would reveal to me their secrets of power.Yes I am in love with the nature now.I want to play with the elements of life and death.I want to have a bad romance again this time.So I would turn into what I want to in time.
Power comes to those who choose not to harm.But they who revel in their rival's self destruction.
I choose power.I choose to play the game.

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