Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lemon my life,squeezed with love,I mix some rouge,to fly like a dove

I want to be influenced by you.Stronger than I influenced you.

My life is a lemon.Lets squeeze it.Dessicate it.Lick our fingers.Suck the curves of our palms.Indelicately and bleakly photograph those errors, till we photoshop our lives.
Mine and Your's.
Emphasize,predominate.The minds that would ameliorate us.Our blazing personalities.
For the past is already enshrined,where we stand like scruffy teenagers who formulate homemade theories of victory.Indefinable and indecisively cavalier,who recriminate.Walking along the precarious road where one dies a false death and wins a false victory.

To playing a charade from now to ever again?

Baby its you and me.

Cheers !!


  1. awesum.....vry pasionate....
    keep it baby.....
    luv ya..