Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Over ripe tongue

I am over these,
this sound of my tongue,
like I say scream'scream'
like I find faults in this sugary youth
me myself this expanded road
to infinity
I just want a spectacle
and rather take a note
like dancers on swords
whores in a blackout
peevishly numb
Damn this language
break this thought
destroy me now
and start at none
draw in my breath
beneath my lips
color my conscious
just my body
My hollow utensil
a sensitive preaching
fill me up with you
you  and within
 like inside outside
Passive is this rocking on our mothers nest
of compatible crazy
of lives around
and amidst like us
We would change
this inside joke
laugh at rakes
and keep those secrets
beneath these sheets of vigorous nights
you and me
and that in between us

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