Monday, 5 March 2012

Baisers voles

Being nothing,being clumsy and crappy and grouchy can help.You are all over the place and the place is out of order.Suddenly you cry and tell yourself"Its absolutely okay to mess up my life.Ofcourse its my life.I can hell do what I want to do with it"and then you cry a little more.It does help.When you run out of tears and run out of sympathy for self.You still lay in the corner thinking "God I am such a mess"
But then something just pops in your head that says"It is really your life"That is one annoying realisation and it does seem to bog you down even more.Hopeless.I am sometimes.But then I look at myself in the mirror,wear my kohl and I look absolutely fine.Nothing seems as out of order.Its all in the mind and how we manipulate it.Cant I get simpler?Cant I stop growing and understanding lifes complications.Peoples complications.Simplicity can help so much.It weaves into the hassles of life and brings light to all.Like unwinding a rough knot.A kiss,a hug, a gesture of gratitude they are never stolen.You never really run out of tears.And you never really run out of life!!

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